"It looked absolutely great!"


If you're planning a trip to Finland and want to see theatre but don't speak either of the country's languages, this (like Tampereen Teatteri's Les Misérables) might be an option for you: there will be subtitles available in English, Finnish, and also in Swedish, the language the show is performed in...

Earlier this fall, I predicted that this production would be worth seeing for Simon Häger as the snake Kaa alone. Turns out I was right. He was definitely the highlight of the show for me. Narcisstic, cruel, charming, and absolutely fabulous in both his old and new skins. And I'm not alone: both the ladies I saw the show with were smitten, too.

Svenska teatern Svenska teatern Svenska teatern


"Mawgli has to face thousands of blood curdling dangers in the jungle but the hardest of all is that he has to act barefoot. A good couple of nails ended up in my soles so after each hundred of performances I need to be given a tetanus vaccination to avoid infection."

(Csőre Gábor)

"Baloo is the children’s favourite, so when he dies at the end of the first act, grief is great in the air. My costume is rather warm so at the beginning, I always took it of in the interval. And one day as I was sitting in my dressing room, a bunch of kids rushed to me. It turned out that some of them really believed that Baloo died and wanted to make sure with their own eyes that the bear is all right. Since then I’ve never changed my costume in the interval...

(Reviczky Gábor)

Jungle for the 1000th time!

On 19 April, the most successful play of Hungarian theatre literature is on stage of Pesti Theatre for the 1000th time. The Jungle Book is the first Hungarian play to be performed on the same stage with the same staging for so many times.

Based on Pál Békés’s libretto, László Dés composer and Péter Geszti lyrics writer created the play which was put on stage by Géza Hegedűs D., director. „The Jungle Book is a wonderful material on one hand, because of the complexity and depth of the story, on the other hand because each animal matches different types of music – claimed László Dés agreeing with Péter Geszti who added: "It’s the "double twist" that makes The Jungle Book so exciting since people play animals who carry typical human characteristics."


The director, BÖHM, GYÖRGY said before the premiere:

"The Jungle Book musical is considered a classic nowadays. It has been played at a great number of places, over a thousand times with extraordinary success. I really hope that the Pécs performance will bring a huge success, as well. What’s more, if I may be a little cheeky, I would say I am definitely sure it will be enthralling. But since we, theatre people are a little superstitious, we don’t want to sell the skin before the bear is killed.

Who is to summarise what is the story of Mawgli who has been raised by the wolves, Bagheera who had escaped from the people’s cage, Baloo the wise teacher of the law, the mysterious Kaa and Shere Khan the revengeful, thirsty for human blood tiger about?

It is about birth and death, receiving and expelling, friendships and loneliness, magic of childhood and adolescence – about everything that may happen to a kid either raised by parents or wolves.

My secret but greatest dream is that the children, the young and not so young after having attending the performance read the miraculous novel of Rudyard Kipling!"

(Böhm György)